Hair Removal Pre-treatment


Hair removed from below the surface of the skin by waxing or sugaring. If you do not see a service or combination of services please inquire. Tweezing will be charged at a dollar a minute.

Pre-treatment instructions

  • To lessen the pain associated with hair removal, you may take an over the counter pain reliever but check with your physician for a recommendation as some medications can be blood thinning or increase bruising.
  • Please do not drink alcohol as a form of pain reliever.
  • Avoid scheduling appointments during menstrual period, sickness, or while on antibiotics as you could be more sensitive.
  • Do not exercise or participate activity that warms the body for 2 hours before the waxing or sugaring appointment as it can cause live tissue to be removed.
  • Exfoliate: 24 hours before waxing /48 hours before sugaring
  • No tanning (spray or bed) 24 hours prior or after.
  • If shaving, ideally hair should be grown out for a minimum 7-10 days (1/16-1/4 inch long) before sugaring and 14-21 days for waxing (¼- ½ inch long)
  • Waxing/Sugaring is NOT suitable for those using medically prescribed acne treatments, (Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, or other medically prescribed acne treatments)or who have recently had deep chemical peels or laser treatments, have taken antibiotics within the last two weeks after chemical peels.
  • Spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol are vasodilators, so avoid them for a few hours before and after your service.
  • Please be aware that waxing can cause some skin redness.
  • Pregnant and nursing women please consult your physician before scheduling an appointment.